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Amp Research

If you’re into tricking out your truck, look for the AMP Research name on the most useful accessories. AMP invents and manufactures high quality electric steps, manual steps, cargo space extenders and automatic running boards to fit every type of truck or van. Order today and we’ll ship right away.

AMP Research founder Horst Leitner was born near Salzburg, Austria, where he was an award-winning motocross racer for several consecutive years. Eventually, Horst Leitner moved his family to Tustin, California– the motorcycle manufacturing center of the world. Leitner founded his own company, ATK Motorcycles. It wasn’t long before his bikes were beating well-known motorcycles by Husqvarna, Honda and Yamaha in the world famous Barstow-to-Vegas run. By this time, everyone knew that ATK motorcycles were here to stay.

Today, Horst Leitner and AMP Research lead the industry in the innovative design and manufacture of world class truck and van accessories. AMP Research makes the amazing PowerStep™ which combines utility and design to provide the easiest way to get up into and down out of any high-profile vehicle. Leitner and AMP Research hold more than forty US and international patents for motorcycle, automotive, bicycle accessories and inventions. When it comes to innovation and manufacture of quality accessories, there is no stopping Horst Leitner and AMP Research. AMP Research is dedicated to providing America and the world with well made, highly efficient truck and van accessories. In addition to AMP PowerSteps, AMP also manufactures a comprehensive line of truck and van accessories. Consider the Research Bed X-Tender™, which provides more useable cargo space in any truck bed. When not being actively used, the Bed X-Tender™ flips into the truck bed, where it remains out of the way or can be used to corral small cargo. You are welcomed to visit our facility at 400 West Cypress Avenue. If you would like to take a guided tour, please give us a call before you arrive. Call 323.276.2999.