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bridal jewelry in Graham NC

bridal jewelry in Graham NC

Bridal jewelry in Graham NC follows the trends and wishes of the customers. Stackable rings, colored stones, and traditional diamonds are all popular in 2019. Lane jewelers helps our customers find the right jewelry to mark their special occasion.

What is bridal jewelry?

Wedding jewelry goes well beyond the ring. Bridesmaid necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are also part of the special occasion. Wedding jewelry sets for brides are also not uncommon.

A bride and groom want everyone looking their best to mark their occasion. Photography is important. Memories will be cherished, and everyone is dressed to impress. If part of the bridal squad, wearing something different or flashy significantly alters the mood.

What are the current trends in bridal jewelry?

Current trends in bridal jewelry include stackable rings, bands, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and even sets.

Earrings play an essential role. For brides with pierced ears, they tend to tie together an ensemble. Clustered studs and drops make a bride look stunning.

Moving down the neck, necklaces enhance an outfit. With the current trend in earrings being to make a statement, many brides use necklaces to accentuate the effects of their gowns. Encouraging yet elegant pieces are available at our store that allows a bride to look her best.

Nothing is complete without the ring. The entire ensemble revolves around the ring you choose. Our extensive and even experimental selection of jewelry allows you to bring your personality to the altar. We value your taste and style.

What is the appropriate jewelry for each role in a wedding?

The bride is the centerpiece of the wedding. However, everyone tries to look their best.

Bridesmaid and mother of the bride jewelry accentuates the wearer without outshining the bride. Cubic zirconia jewelry or a cluster of pearls are popular options for the bridal squad.

Rose gold jewelry is another option that flatters every skin tone. The pink tint and glossy shine exude a rosy warmth.

The overall goal is not to over accessorize. It is your friend or daughter’s time to shine. Avoid noisy or uncomfortable jewelry. Keep rings small as you will be shaking hands and know what the others in your party are wearing to avoid embarrassment.

There are some considerations for the mother of the bride. Her jewelry should not outshine the bride but still needs to show that she is the host.

There are some exceptions to the rule. When wearing a simple frock a statement necklace is appropriate.

What engagement rings are trending?

Engagement rings show commitment. They let you stand out from the crowd and tell others that you are about to make the ultimate leap.

While wedding jewelry is trending towards the unique, engagement rings remain conservative. Small touches such as gallery detailing or fancy cuts show just how committed you are. Pear-shaped rings were particularly popular in 2018.

Lane Jewelers is a prime source for bridal jewelry in Graham NC. Visit us today to find the perfect ring or jewelry set for your special day.

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